My name is Jimmy Gonzo and I... am a hero. I first started my career after I met a bum named Jonathan Long, whom would rise up in my Janitorial League - he is our janitor.

My story starts on December 28, 1937. I was walking down Quail Avenue when suddenly a group of thugs jumped me with their leather jackets, then out of nowhere a man with a big bushy beard wielding a large mop ran forward to save me. His suave handling of the mop, and fierce strikes, along with this sounds of thunder emanating from his mouth quickly dealt the killings against the thugs.

I asked him his name and in a raspy voice he said, "Jonathon Long." He then went on to explain to me how in the Great Depression he was trained in the ways of the janitor to help maintain the defense of the universe.

After several years of learning in his art, I started the Janitorial League to train new students how to defend the universe, and hired Jon to be the Janitor of our headquarters.